Best Free Clash of Clans Bot / TH11 Ready and Stable!

Since Supercell updated their No.1 Game Clash of Clans (iOS and Android) with the brand new Town Hall 11 and the new Grand Warden it became more difficult than ever to collect loot in Clash of Clans. Especially if it is about Elixir because every attack in CoC need a lot of Elixir to successfully raid an enemy base. Attacking with GoWiWi and 5 spells doesn't give you any chance to save up some loot in the progress. The only chance to get successfully Gold and Elixir in the long run is to play with Barbarians and Archers and to attack mostly dead bases in the Clash of Clans universe! Looking for these dead bases can be tiring and boring, so why not collecting loot while you are sleeping? FarmingBot is the most advanced, free, safe and stable Clash Of Clans bot with a very easy to use and user-friendly interface. Fill your Gold and Elixir storages while you sleep and earn millions of Resources daily. Download FarmingBot now for free and farm up to 75M+ Gold and Elixir per day! Of course FarmingBot is TH11 ready! Get it now!

Download our Clash of Clans Bot for Bluestacks

It is really that simple as it sounds. Just download our free Clash of Clans Bot FarmingBot, also install Bluestacks and just connect it to your Clash of Clans account. Then simply start the bot and let him do the work. Thx to the highly advanced attacking algorithm, the humanized troop deployment (for not getting banned) continuously and on-going updates you' ll enjoy the best experience amoung all Clash of Clash Bots!

Download our Clash of Clans Bot for free!

Collecting Loot in Clash of Clans with our Farming CoC Bot

Since the huge winter update 2015 (where Supercell introduced the new TH 11 as well as the new Grand Warden) it become especially difficult to collect loot in Clash of Clans. CoC players from all over the world are complaining right now in the Supercell forums as well as on Facebook about all the changes, which has been made. Because Town Hall Snipping was also removed it became particulary difficult to collect huger amounts of loot and fill up all the gold and elixir storages. Supercell tried to help those players (for example with introducing the loot cart) but nevertheless it is still difficult to collect gold and elixir. Not to mention about all the time you need to invest into playing Clash of Clans these days to make any kind of progress. We love to play CoC but there has to be a better way to collect loot for free and effectively. So we developed our own CoC Bot, which collects gold and Elixir while you are sleeping! Go to bed at night and wake up with all your storages being full and ready to upgrade your defense building and troops in the game! And our Clash of Clan Bot is not only looting every effectively, it also donates troops to your fellow clan members, it chats in the global chat, recruiting new CoC Clan members. So it is easily possible to collect up to 20 million gold and elixir a day! Sound unbelievable? Might me but you can convince yourself for free, how good our Clash of Clans Bot really is. Also you can compare it with other successful bots like Raccoonbot or BoostBot, which are also great CoC Bots for staying online all the time and collecting loot easily. Don't make your life in Clash of Clans harder than it needs to be. Download the latest version of our CoC Bot FarmingBot 1.0.2 and never run out of ressources ever again! For more questions regarding our Clash of Clans Farming Bot, please visit our forums. Also if you are looking for a good Clash of Clans Farming base town hall 11 we recommand you to watch this awesome youtube video. If you want to see a Clash of Clans Bot in Action, we highly recommand you to watch this clip over here. Enjoy playing Clash of Clans and collecting so much loot like never before!